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Don’t let your customers blow by your business.

Advertise with a custom printed feather or teardrop flag.

Nobody knows dye sublimating flag fabric better than we do. Our unique process allows for your design to be printed in bright saturated colours that last. 

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Our flag systems include aviation-grade fibreglass flag poles that withstand 100km/h wind along with robust steel spikes or stands with bearing swivels.

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By using the finest German polyester flag mesh, we offer durable feather banners and teardrop flags suitable for outdoor display in any climate.

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When we say everything is included, we mean it. Your kit includes a Custom Printed Flag, Pole system, choice of mounting hardware and storage bag.

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Flags FAQs

Depending on outdoor weather conditions, flags typically last 4-6 months. Our feather and teardrop flags have robust hardware that will last many years.

We have the capability to make single or double sided flags. A single side print flag will have a full colour mirror image on the back. A double sided flag has two flags sewn together with a light blockout layer (silver flag liner) sewn between. This means your print is not mirrored on the back and can be read the same on both sides.

All complete flag kits come with the custom printed flag, aviation grade fibreglass poles, choice of spike or stand and a carry bag for every 2 flag kits.

We use a high quality 110gsm German polyester flag mesh for all custom printed advertising flags.

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