Everything you need to know about advertising table covers

Popular in advertising and marketing campaigns for years and used for everything from fundraisers to corporate networking events, printed table covers are a promotional tool that are unlikely to go out of style anytime soon. You have likely seen trade show table covers in Canada anywhere there is a display stand or an event happening and when we look into just how useful they are for businesses and customers alike, it’s easy to see why.

What is an advertising table cover used for?

An advertising table cover, or trade show tablecloth is a shaped tablecloth that covers not only the top of your table but the sides too, transforming your previously bland or possibly scuffed table into a powerful advertising tool. With a large advertising space, these items are used to raise awareness, generate customer interest and tell those who maybe haven’t heard of you, who you are.

The top 3 problems an advertising table cover can solve

The benefits of custom branded covers as a promo tool are many, but did you know they can also help solve common problems too? Below are our top three picks for just why these items are extra useful in business. 

  1. Hiding unsightly tables – Most companies, whether advertising inside or out, are unlikely to bring a mahogany table to their promotion. Display tables are functional but usually unsightly, and covering them with a custom created table cloth is a great way to upgrade your stands visual appeal
  2. Hiding extra stock – No one wants to look cluttered and unorganized at an event but the fact is that usually you keep everything on hand with you for the day. Those extra boxes can easily be hidden behind or even beneath the cloth for a sleeker, less crowded look (with less danger of you tripping over your stock!)
  3. Having limited promotion space – Not every venue has as much space as you would like and sometimes that custom tent has to be left in storage. The chances are you have space for a table though, so why not turn it into a promotional board and still create the brand visibility you need, even in small areas

How can my company benefit from this product?

Whether you are a business just starting out or a well established company, there are few places that couldn’t make use of this handy item. 

Lightweight and easy to transport to venues, custom fitted table covers won’t take up valuable room when heading to and from events. With truck space quickly being taken over by stock when heading to a trade show, having an advertising tool that can roll or fold up small is a valuable asset for anyone on the road.

They are very affordable. Unlike some advertising methods, branded table covers are a cost effective way to get your message across and increase awareness of the topic that matters to you, without breaking the bank.

Trade show tablecloths are a long term advertising solution. While single use items are great for giveaways to help with advertising, you are likely to still need something that will be with you for the long haul and custom fitted table covers do just that. Able to be used again and again, printed table cloths help spread your message for longer. 

They are easy to notice. Despite how small they can be when in storage, printed table covers can unfold into a mighty advertising tool that can be seen even from a distance. You aren’t likely to be allowed your own personal billboard at an event but a table throw with a logo does the same job, without the struggle!

And finally, they help you stand out. No matter if you are on your own promoting your business or surrounded by competitors, no one wants to fade into the background. Advertising table covers can really help you stand out from the competition and get noticed, helping increase sales and browser interest at the same time.

What types of covers are available and what’s the difference?

8 foot Custom Printed Table Throw

Throw – A throw tablecloth is a looser product that, as the name suggests, is thrown over the table and drapes down, with some folds of material hanging vertically. If you are looking for a product that not only advertises but creates a fuller, richer appearance this could be the one for you. 

Fitted Table Cover from Display Up

Fitted – This style fits to your table’s edges and hangs down from there, it’s a blend between throw and stretch. This is typically a very popular customer choice due to maximizing visible surface area for more information or eye catching designs.

Stretch Table Cover Magical Midways

Stretch – The stretch style, like the name suggests, is a snug fitting product that stretches over your table and down the sides in a tightly fitted manner without any loose material. These are ideal for outdoor events where there may be winds!

We also carry table runners so if you are looking to create a contrasting image or to simply change it up, our table runners come in a variety of sizes to fit your needs. 

If you are feeling overwhelmed with all this choice, don’t worry – simply contact us and we will help you get started on choosing the right display solution for your needs. 

Printed table covers, versatile advertising for a changing world

It goes without saying that not every event you are planning to attend will be the same. Some will be indoors in conference halls, some outside where the wind is blowing, and many are likely to draw crowds of people, after all – that’s the idea! With such variety in mind, you can’t always use the promotional materials you would like, after all you can’t put your custom tent in a town hall.

So creating a product that can be used both indoors and outside in a variety of weather climates is extremely important. Trade show tablecloths are a product that is likely to be acceptable for use at a wide range of events, so adding them to your promotional line up is good business sense. Make sure you are covered, whatever the calendar throws at you with advertising table covers from Display Up!

How a custom advertising cloth can boost your public image

As we talked about earlier, bare tables at promotional events are usually not the best looking items. Having a tailored and professional image can go a long way to getting those sales or making important networking connections. No matter what your business promotes, few people are likely to choose a company that looks ‘unfinished’. Help make sure wherever you are, you do justice to your brand by choosing promotional tablecloths suited to your advertising needs.

Why our table cloths throw a cover over our rivals!

Unlike some companies, at Display Up we either use a 7oz knit to create your custom product, or a 6.5oz stretch fabric. Our quality materials means your product won’t easily rip or tear. These materials are also both wrinkle resistant and fire retardant as required by your local fire marshal for use at public events.

We use full colour, full coverage dye sublimation printing to custom create your message into fabric that can be washed without fading, helping your item look fresh and your branding sharp. 

And last but not least, when we put it all together we use a high tensile nylon thread and a 5 thread overlocking stitch to help keep your finished item in one piece without fraying or quickly coming loose while in use. 

So with all your new found knowledge of custom fitted table covers and how great they are for business – contact Display Up and let us help you get the quality promotional products you and your business deserve.

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