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General Questions

Dye Sublimation printing is a printing process based on a chemical reaction. Special dyes are printed by our large digital printers onto paper. These dyes have the property of becoming gaseous at 200C. The paper and fabric are pressed together in a large calendar, or heat press. The image is transferred to the fabric during this heating process. The heat not only transfers the ink but it also imbeds, or sublimates, the ink into the fabric and sets it so it won’t run or fade. Dye Sublimation can be done on polyester or nylon fabrics, offers a very good bleed through with zero added weight.

No. Never. Pricing includes full bleed, unlimited colours and unlimited print locations.

We have very specific artwork requirements. Logos must be native Illustrator .Ai or .Eps files. Please see our (artwork requirements specs-LINK to Artwork requirements page) before submitting artwork.

Yes. We provide templates for all of our standard products. They can be downloaded HERE or by clicking the Resources tab at the top of any page.

The short answer is Yes. The long answer; We print using C.M.Y.K. for dye sublimation and C.M.Y.K.Lc.Lm.W. for UV printing. These allow for a wide variety of possible colours. Pantone matching is something we are very familiar with and can tweak the CMYK values to match your Pantone colours. If you have very specific requirements we recommend ordering a physical proof sample. We take your colour as supplied, print it along with a few variations for you to choose from. There is a small fee for this.

We do not offer installation services.

Production on most standard items is 5-7 business days. Rush services are available at a premium. Call for availability.

Tents FAQs

We use a 600 denier poly urethane backed Oxford cloth. This material is water resistant, UV & mildew resistant. 600D is the heaviest weight material used for pop up style advertising tents. Most of our competition uses 500D or even 420D. Denier (D) is a way to measure the threads (or weight) of the fabric.

Every Tent produced by Display Up has been tested and approved by a third party Canadian accredited testing facility. The material has passed the flame resistance requirements of the Small-Flame Tests of CAN/ULC-S109-14 in Canada and in the USA it has passed NFPA701 flame tests. Each tent is sewn with a flame certificate tag. Full certificates are available HERE.

MATERIAL ONLY – this question does not apply to the frame.

-This depends on how often you use it. Typically, 2 years is the max life span of any fabric canopy. Our Tent Tops carry a 6 month limited warranty – assuming proper care is taken.

Our pop up canopy tents are very easy to set up. A 10×10 can be set up by one person in under 5 minutes. Larger tents may require additional time and/or help.

Some municipalities require permits for tents. It is highly recommended that you check your city by-laws before seeking this solution. Your vendor takes no responsibility and makes no warranty with regards to the by-laws of ANY municipality, written or implied. We will not be held responsible for any fines imposed by by-law enforcement.

Yes! Each frame comes with a specific warranty to the type of frame. Warranty info is listed in our catalog HERE. Our most popular frame carries a 1 year warranty.

Each tent size is an exact footprint, but give yourself a few extra feet on either side for tie downs. Eg. a 10×10 tent will take up 10 feet wide by 10 feet deep but to be safe, give yourself 12-14 feet.

You can set up your tent on just about any flat surface. Just be sure to use the kit supplied sand bags and/or ropes/pegs to secure your tent.

Great question! How big is your car? The frame is your largest piece of hardware. When collapsed, a 5×5 and 10×10 frame measures 10”x10”x65”. The 10×15 frame is 10”x15”x65” and the 10×20 frame is 10”x20”x65” when collapsed.

Table Covers FAQs

We use a 7oz twill. This is a very heavy weight, high end material.
Yes! Dye sublimation printing is a permanent dye that will not fade in the wash.
Yes! We can make a printed table cover for any size table. Standard sizes are 4’, 6’ or 8’ wide tables at a depth and height of 30” but we know there are some other shapes available. Inquire today with your measurements. Length, width and height.

Banners FAQs

We have many different methods of finishing a banner. The most common method is hem and grommet. Banners can also be finished with seam tape, Banner Ups(R), Velcro, webbing or d-rings. We can also supply your banner unfinished.

Banners are made primarily of vinyl. There are different weights and thicknesses depending on the application.

If you order a banner up to 60” we print with UV cured inks. If your banner is wider than 60” we print with latex inks.

Banners are often hanged or attached to a wall or fence so hardware isn’t normally needed.

Trade Show FAQs

Yes! Dye sublimation printing is a permanent dye that will not fade in the wash.

Flags FAQs

Depending on outdoor weather conditions, flags typically last 4-6 months. Our feather and teardrop flags have robust hardware that will last many years.
We have the capability to make single or double sided flags. A single side print flag will have a full colour mirror image on the back. A double sided flag has two flags sewn together with a light blockout layer (silver flag liner) sewn between. This means your print is not mirrored on the back and can be read the same on both sides.
All complete flag kits come with the custom printed flag, aviation grade fibreglass poles, choice of spike or stand and a carry bag for every 2 flag kits.
We use a high quality 110gsm German polyester flag mesh for all custom printed advertising flags.

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