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Advertising Banners

Sometimes the best advertising is the most straightforward, and what marketing tool could be easier to use than promotional banners? Banners have definitely come a long way from their origins way back in Roman times. The materials and design may have changed but their use of advertising and displaying vital information remains the same. We may no longer be on a battlefield but this product’s incredible ability to advertise locations and information is still used in marketing today, a testament to its usefulness even in these modern days. 

Five key benefits of choosing advertising banners

The perks of using advertising banners is long, but here are the biggest key features that could benefit your business or campaign.

  1. Their surface area – Banners can be big, but even the smaller sizes have a great sized area for your personal message or logo. This means you can write as much – or as little! As you need. 
  2. They are lightweight – Unlike some marketing tools that can weigh you down, promotional banners are usually lighter. This means you are less likely to struggle getting them to your event, or transporting them to where they need to be.
  3. They are easy to set up and take down – With a simple shape comes the joy of easy construction and packing away. With retractable banners being able to be taken down in moments, getting set up or winding down for the day can be hassle free, even if you are running solo.
  4. They take up little space when stored – With so many events being in different locations, transport space is often at a premium and choosing what to take can be difficult. With most promotional signs and displays being able to be folded and stored away to take up little room you don’t have to sacrifice taking them in place of something else you need.
  5. They get noticed – We left this one to last but it doesn’t mean it’s the least important! Custom vinyl banners are eye catching and can be seen from far away, giving you a wider advertising distance. With better visibility comes increased awareness of your product / location / promotion, whatever you want the public to know you have on offer. 

Styles of advertising banners 

roll up banner

Retractable pull up banners – This style of banner has a stand that the graphics are rolled into when unassembled. They take only moments to set up by affixing it’s pole and pulling up the rolled graphics to secure at the top. 

Pop out banners – These are pop up frame displays that sit on the floor. To use them you simply pull the two sides apart and your advertisement is ready to go.

Hanging pendant banners – And finally, this style of banner makes use of space above you, behind you, or in front, in short – anywhere you want to hang it. 

Keeping your banner upright

No one wants to purchase a great looking banner only to spend their entire event struggling with it or watching it droop to the floor. Our promotional banner stands take away this worry for the purchaser. These are easy to use and fall into two main categories, pull up banner stands and x-banner stands, and both are as easy to use as their names imply! Easy to assemble and take down in moments and an easy solution that certainly beats glue and nails, banners stands are essential for upright banners if you want them to look sharp. 

Large Custom banner

Creating a customised area that works for you

With our variety of banner styles and sizes you can create a custom space that better suits your promotional needs. Looking vibrant and making the most of your space is something advertising banners are great at doing – so standing out from your neighbours can be easy and highly affordable when you choose advertising banners as your advertising tool for trade shows and events.

How advertising banners help you make the most of your space

Not every convention or expo comes with as much floor space as we would like, so sometimes compromises have to be made. Advertising banners are a smart way to make use of the whole space you have been allocated – not just the floor. With products like retractable banners making use of vertical space and giving you a highly noticeable item, without taking up valuable ground room so it’s easy to see why advertising banners are so popular.

How can promotional signs and displays help with my marketing?

From drawing the eye to causing people to stop and take in the message before them, there’s no denying that custom vinyl banners make an impact on the public. They grab attention and direct it to where you want it to be, they announce your presence at events, they give out valuable information that can be seen even from a distance. All this helps get you noticed and also remembered after the day is done. Staying in a potential customers mind even when you aren’t around is the ultimate goal of almost every marketing campaign, no matter what the subject and an eye catching banner is a great way to achieve this. 

How would my custom banner be printed with Display Up?

Unlike some of our competitors, our vinyl banners are printed with either UV cured inks. UV ink is very high quality and perfect for advertising banners. We also have the ability to print and finish dye sublimation printed fabric banners. Dye sub is the industry’s top method for printing fabric graphics.

UV curing means the ink is where the ink is cured to the material of the banner with UV light, allowing for a sharp contrasting image with greater clarity than the more traditional methods. It also comes with the perk of being more environmentally friendly than its original predecessors and provides the ultimate outdoor longevity. 
Dye sublimation is a very different printing process. The graphics printed with sublimation are actually embedded into the fabrics for a permanent change that will not face even after machine washing.

How would my banner be finished?

There are a number of options for finishing your hanging banners, below are some of the most popular options.

Hem – This, not unlike regular hemming is where the ends are folded and stitched to stop fraying and reduce wear and tear. This is the method that we prefer to use. Our facility is outfitted with dozens of industrial sewing machines and our team is trained in quality finishing methods. Sewing is a skilled trade that most sign shops simply are not equipped to do.

Seam Tape – Just like its name suggests, this is a tape that is put under the seams of your banner to keep out debris, water and anything else that can reduce the lifespan of your product. This is a short term solution for banner finishing.

Webbing – this is the seatbelt-like material that is sewn into the hem to give your banner an added amount of strength. We recommend webbing on mesh banners and banners that will be used outdoors. If you think your banner will be submitted to any amount of added stress, consider adding webbing around the edges.

Grommet – this is the metal ring that is pierced through the edging of a banner making a strong tie off point. Grommets can be added where needed depending on how you plan to hang it.

D-Ring – A d-ring is a metal ring in the shape of a D. Webbing is wrapped around the straight edge and the curved side is exposed to tie a strap, rope or bungee. The d-ring is an alternative to the more popular grommet. We use 3/16″ steel welded d-rings as needed.

Pole Pocket – this is a folded over section of material that allows a pole or bar to slide through for hanging. Not unlike a curtain rod.

Making advertising banners your advertising choice

So now you have learned a bit about these products – everything from their creation to the reasons why they are so popular for events and advertising in all forms, all that’s left to do is get in touch with us to make yours happen. We at Display Up understand the importance of good quality advertising, and how making a positive impression impacts everything from public perception to sales. This is why we are committed to providing you with the outstanding quality products and customer service you need and deserve. Running any event or company can be stressful so let go of some of that worry and trust your advertising to us today.

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