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Event Tent Custom Printed 10x10

Imagine your work environment for a moment not just as something practical, but as a way of presenting an image to a customer – much like scenery for a play. The setting matters because before you speak, you want to present an image that best represents you. When we stop and consider the amount invested in office decor and design we can see that this is clearly a huge area of business. 
But what can we do when we are outside, away from our workspace and instead are surrounded by things that perhaps give us a bland or even ugly setting? Promotional tents are a great solution to taking a piece of your workspace with you and ‘setting the scene’ to best show what you represent, giving your company the image it deserves – wherever you are. 

The five main benefits of a good quality promotional tent

We will go into more detail about the awesome benefits these items offer further along in the blog, but for now here are the top five reasons why we think custom tents are a great investment.

  1. They are very easy to assemble and put away, even without a large team of staff
  2. They provide shelter from the elements for staff and customers alike
  3. They are a great way to establish ‘your space’ at an event
  4. They are easily visible, even from a distance – helping draw interest even in crowded areas
  5. They are eye catching and highly customizable

Below we cover these topics in more detail, alongside the additional ‘perks’ that help make custom tents in Canada such a popular advertising choice. So if you are interested in reading more about why these products are so valuable to promotional campaigns, or just why so many people choose to invest in them then simply read on!

Creating a great first impression and why it matters

Whether you are pitched in a space where there is just your custom tent, or surrounded by competitors at a trade show event – getting noticed matters. Did you know that potential customers have often formed an impression of your company before you have even had a chance to talk to them? Creating a positive impression has to be fast, so even the smallest details can be very important, and this includes your surroundings. 

Pop up event tents are a great method of showing you are organized, established and professional, even from a distance. Start linking those positive associations in the public’s mind even before they have reached you and help give your business the best chance to create a great impression or get that important sale from the very beginning. 

How to stand out from the crowd

Stand Out In a Crowd

The ultimate goal of any advertising campaign is firstly to stand out, and secondly, to be remembered even when you aren’t around. This makes promotional tents a valuable advertising tool because something that is unique or custom made has a greater chance of staying in a potential customer’s mind long after the event is over. Give your company the best chance at a lasting impression even after the day is done – with a great quality promotional tent from Display Up!

Easy to assemble and put away

Struggling with assembly and deconstruction takes up your valuable time and with so many outdoor events being on a strict schedule – can even cost you money. An unassembled tent, or staff struggling with construction looks unprofessional, unorganized, and is not something you want associated with your business! Custom printed event tents by Display Up can be assembled by a single person in under 5 minutes and put away with the same ease, saving you time and showcasing you as the professionals you are. 

Why pop up event tents are great for advertising

Custom printed 10×10 canopies have a large advertising area, meaning your message can be easily spotted, even from far away. Tall enough to be noticed by the public over the heads of crowds, but not so tall people risk missing your slogan from not looking up high enough – 10×10 event tents really are a great advertising tool. With the addition of being able to proudly display your logo in your corporate colours and create something no one else has, standing out is easy with a pop up event tent. 

Custom Printed Logo canopy tent

Easy to transport to where they need to be

Despite their impressive size when set up, 10×10 pop up tents can be packed into their travel bag with little effort and taken to the next place they need to be, without the need of large vehicle like a truck or van. With each coming with their own carry bag, most with wheels, you have a way to protect and transport your item without struggling. And as the name suggests, when you need to assemble them the process is simple, fast and hassle free. 

Why 10×10 is a useful size for events and tradeshows

Even outdoors, events are often limited in how much space you are allowed. Having a tent that is too large for your allotted space can result in either ‘cramming’ or no tent at all, and if you attend many events this is a huge waste of your money. Having the right size promotional tent for your needs is important. Too small and you and your items will be spilling out into the walkway, too large and you risk looking underwhelming and putting people off with an intimidatingly empty space. Event tents that are 10×10 are a popular size because they give enough space to showcase products and enough room for people to comfortably carry conversations in – without feeling over or undersized.

Why our custom tents are a great investment for you

Not only are custom pop up tents from Display Up great value but they last, meaning your investment lasts with it. With single use advertising often low cost but quick to need re-investment, having an established, long term advertising method is a smart move. You may not always have those give away promotional tools available, but if you have your custom printed tent you are still advertising and raising public awareness – no matter what the contents. 

Creating a calm environment to network in

Events outside can often be crowded, hot and loud. Getting people to stand long enough to look at your products or even listen to you can be difficult. Even if potential customers are interested, distractions and crowding can quickly turn that interest into ‘Maybe I will come back later, when it’s less busy’.

A promotional tent gives you and your potential customers a shaded breathing space that’s out of the way of public traffic and with less distractions that can be found at trade show events. Give yourself the best chance to make that sale or connection, as well as to talk about what matters to you in a professional and calm environment. Purchase a promotional tent from Display Up today!

Custom Printed Camo Tent

And finally, a little bit about us and our product

So now you are sold on the tent, but why choose Display up to create what you need? 

Firstly let’s look at our quality. Denier is how the threads of fabric are ‘weighed’ and unlike many of our competitors who use a 500D or 420D, we use 600D. Then this superior fabric is backed with water, UV and mildew resistant polyurethane coating to provide better protection and a longer lasting product that won’t easily tear or fade. 

We print our tents with dye sublimation transfer. This is the highest quality printing method for any kind of fabric. Learn a little about dye sublimation in our blogs here – “The Complete Guide to Graphics Printing” and little more about it here – “The Best Way to Print on Fabric

Our fast order process and quick turnaround times are legendary. We understand that events can come up suddenly, old tents can no longer do the job or there’s an opportunity that could be great for your business – if you can get the items you need on time. We do our best to meet and go beyond your expectations without compromising on the quality you deserve. 

And finally, there’s our commitment to you. We pride ourselves on our dedication to quality and customer service from the moment you contact us. Our online reviews are a testament to our efforts and focus on great customer relationships. If you’re in the market for a custom display tent, why not contact us today to get started on making a 10×10 pop up tent your newest and best promotional tool!

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