What are advertising flags?
Advertising Flags

What are advertising flags? Well you have more than likely noticed these products on your day to day travels as they are a popular advertising choice for many businesses. Simply put, an advertising flag is a custom made flag whose pole often sticks directly into the ground, or uses a weighted base to stand upright. The material of the flag displays the promotional message that its creator chose for the public to see. This might sound basic but the popularity of this product is a powerful testament to their usefulness and utility in advertising and marketing.

The purpose of advertising flags

Created as an advertising tool, the purpose of advertising flags really depends on the company using them. Some business locations are overshadowed or hard to see from the road and advertising flags are a great way to improve your visibility, without spending a large amount on other choices such as a billboard rental. 

Another popular choice is for long running promotion campaigns. If you are considering running an event for a while that offers incentives, why not let everyone going past your business see this with ease? Putting easy to read words such as ‘sale’ or ‘promo’ with your company’s name can generate interest and bring an increase in foot traffic and new customers.  

The top five benefits of choosing advertising flags

  1. They are easy to spot – you have probably seen these when on foot or in the car because they are eye catching and easy to notice even at high speeds
  2. They are weather resistant (at least ours are!) and won’t quickly fade or tear even when left outside, making them an advertising tool that is sturdy and long lasting
  3. They are easy to transport, meaning they are ideal for events and promotions. No matter the location
  4. They are easy to assemble – the pole can be assembled and the material attached in very little time, reducing time wasted and the manpower needed that comes with more technical items
  5. They are highly customizable – with limitless colour choice and the ability to place your personal message on them, custom flags are an item that can be tailored to your needs and to better suit your advertising goals

The types and shapes

Our advertising flags come in a variety of styles, giving you the chance to create something that fits with your company’s style and design image. 

Advertising Feather Flag
Advertising Teardrop Flag - Boston Pizza

Feather flags – These, unlike their relative the teardrop, do not taper. Instead the material drops straight down from the arched top and makes a 90 degree angle back towards the pole. We can also offer this flag with a concave or convex style bottom instead of the traditional 90 degree angle.

Teardrop flags – This shape starts with a wide curve at the top and the material tapers to a point towards the base. The shape resembles an upside-down water droplet (or teardrop).

Rectangle Banner flags – This shape has a bar that sticks out from the top of the pole to create a ‘framed’ image. The fabric is straight edged with no taper and creates a very simple yet stylish look. 

Backpack Flag

Wearable Backpack Flags – These flags can also be worn! That’s right, there is a smaller version of each shape that can be worn with a special lightweight backpack. Perfect for Parades, Festivals, Trade Shows, worn by first aid personnel, Parking attendants, Tourism Sales people, 50/50 draw ticket sellers and much more.

Again, any advertising flag shape is a great choice and every style is popular for different applications. It just comes down to personal taste and available space. To start designing your own advertising flag, download our free Templates today to get started!

Make your mark

Outdoor custom flags are more than an advertising choice, they can be a focal point of the public. From meetups using your flag as a landmark to gather under, to people driving past as a group and going ‘here it comes!’ before pointing out your unique design, flags have a way of getting through to people. With this comes increased awareness of your brand and associated promotions, a goal for any advertising campaign. 

Give your event a boost!

Flags are a great tool to increase interest at an event, even if you already have your custom printed tent and table cloth set up! Their fluttering in the wind naturally draws the eye and they can be set forward from your stall to entice people in. With a range of visually appeal through colour and shape, flags make a big impact while using only a little floor space – making them an ideal promotional item add on for trade show displays.

Get even more attention, without needing lots of space

A key advantage custom flags and banners have are the fact that, unlike a lot of advertising tools, they are tall rather than wide. A vertical build means less ground space used, meaning they are ideal for not only people with less space but also those who want to create something that maximizes their space without adding clutter. Why not choose to purchase a few and line them up outside your storefront to create something eye catching and inviting? Or place them around the perimeter of your company building where the public may pass but be unable to see your front facing signage? Whatever you choose to do, outdoor custom flags are versatile and affordable, giving you a freedom that is rarely available in the advertising world. 

Our size range and how to choose what’s right for you

Our flag sizes range from 7ft all the way up to 17ft. With so many size options, getting the right one for your needs is easy to do with Display Up.

When choosing a size, consider a number of factors. How far from my audience will it be? Are there other objects in the way that it needs to stand above or below? How great a distance do you want to be seen from? Will the use be for indoors, outdoors or both? Thinking about these questions can help you narrow down the size you need, no one wants a 17ft display flag at an indoor event with 8ft ceilings and you don’t want people in a crowded event struggling to see your flag over the crowds. If you are still unsure that’s no problem, you can contact our team and we can help.

All about our flags

Unlike poor quality products that can quickly look tattered and unappealing, our custom advertising flags are made of a high quality 110gsm German polyester flag mesh. The term ‘gsm’ means grams per square meter and is a common measurement for the weight of the fabric. Our product, unlike many economy crafted items that can begin to show signs of wear and tear after only a few weeks, has a lifespan of 4-6 months with the hardware lasting many years. 

We have the ability to create single or double sided flags, increasing your visibility as needed and with a thin ‘black-out’ layer between the two pieces of fabric on each double sided option. With this you can rest assured that having a reverse side doesn’t mean having overlapping text or see through material that creates difficulty when reading. 

Our company and you

Now that we have talked about the many benefits of custom printed advertising flags and how they can benefit a business, why should you choose us? 

As mentioned, we offer great quality materials that won’t quickly deteriorate, and products that are easy to assemble. We also pride ourselves on superior craftsmanship and superior attention to detail, helping give your company the representation it deserves. We are a local company who understands the value of doing ‘good business’ not just ‘any business’ and our reviews online are a testament to this.

So if you are looking to purchase advertising flags in Canada, why not contact us at Display Up today to start your journey to creating a powerful advertising tool that gives you the quality you expect, without the heavy price tag.

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