Why You Need a Trade Show Display
Trade Show Displays

When you are at an event or expo, you are there to get noticed. Whether you are handing out promotional cards and networking, or selling your products, the fact is no one wants to go home unseen and no further forward than when they set out that day. Custom trade show displays are an eye catching method to get the attention your business deserves, whatever the occasion. So why not read on to find out just what they are as well as how they can benefit you and your business with our insiders info from Display Up.

What is a trade show display?

There is no ‘set’ definition of what a tradeshow display involves as many people choose to mix and match their items, or add to their original sets with supplements such as display flags. Loosely speaking, a portable trade show display is any product you would take with you to ‘set the scene’ at an event, including tents, walls, half walls and display banners. You don’t have to stop there though and can add extra items from our other sections to create an even more unique and impressive advertising display.

What does a trade show display achieve?

A tradeshow display creates a personalised space or backdrop where browsers can view your product or promotion whilst stood in a space that is surrounded by your advertising. Custom trade show booths work in 3 very important ways to better help your business grow.

  1. Getting you noticed. Having an attractive custom display that can be seen from a distance is more likely to draw customers attention and help bring them to your stand. The importance of this, especially when surrounded by the competition should not be underestimated, because no attention means no people and ultimately no sales!
  2. Giving you an environment to talk and build relationships in. Unlike trying to hand out your business card on a busy walkway, custom trade show booths give a space for you to talk to your audience as well as them browse your information. Having this space can help increase focus for you and for the customer, giving a better chance for sales and networking without additional distractions
  3. And last but most definitely not least, a better brand awareness when those who have visited leave. Whether you have made the sale or not, having your target audience surrounded by your logo and advertising even for a while is likely to help keep your name in their memory after the event is over. Being remembered can help with sales later on as well as increasing the likeliness of a customer passing your name on to friends and family. 

So now we know the stages of how they work, let’s look at some of the key benefits a portable trade show display can offer.

Creating a space to interact in 

Creating your own space that sets you apart from your competitors can really help with your sales pitch. From the moment your message is on display people are aware of who you are, and when they step into the space you have created – you are given a chance to explain what you can offer them as well. Giving potential customers a sheltered area to interact with you makes them less likely to leave as a result of being stepped on and overcrowded too. They may even come into your area simply to escape the crowds, giving you an unexpected opportunity to make connections and talk about what’s important to you. A more positive and professional atmosphere can help boost your image and give customers a break from the barrage of crowds and noise that often come with expo events – something they are sure to be grateful to you and your company.

Trade Show booth wall banners podium
Create a space to interact in

Brand reinforcement and visibility

From even a quick glance at your display, customers are shown your message and brand in an appealing manner, no matter where the event is being held. With so many conference centres being bland, making a visual impact is often key and custom trade show displays are a great method to show your style, your branding and even your product before the customer has even reached you. Since most fabrics are printed in dye sublimation, the best way to print on fabric, graphics and images are vibrant and crisp. This helps form the associations you want before you have even had a chance to introduce yourself.  With studies suggesting people can make up their minds about whether they like something or not in only moments, every second counts, so make the most of yours. 

Showcasing your product in the way it deserves

Having a great item to sell means nothing if it isn’t displayed properly. From reducing the perceived value of objects in a customers eyes to being passed over for another, more attractive display- the pitfalls of poor backgrounds are clear. And this doesn’t just apply to those who are selling! If you are trying to promote a cause or network, your speech might say ‘hey we are reputable and on trend’ but your background is telling the listener ‘hey we didn’t think, or can’t afford to bring any branding with us, unlike those guys two stalls over’.

So whatever your goal is, setting the scene so to speak, is as important as your goods and your sales pitch so why not give yourself the best chance of getting the results you need and invest in a custom trade show display today.

The importance of appealing advertising

Anyone can throw an old cloth out for their promotion, or write a handwritten sign for their event, but what does this say to those who see it? Would you want to purchase financing from a company with a hand written sign? Probably not! Joking aside, this shows the importance of not only advertising but doing so in the right way that reflects what you represent. Custom trade show booths are an appealing, long lasting method of getting your message across in a professional yet appealing manner, which no doubt why they have been a marketing favourite for so long

How trade show displays help you make the most of your investment

The sad fact is, there aren’t many events that you can attend for free and once you have purchased that admission fee you are running at a loss. So with that in mind, making the absolute most of the space you have rented is very important and often a single table displaying your items is far from enough. Think vertical, the space you have rented may be by square floor footage but that doesn’t mean you can’t make use of the air too. You could easily bring in some media walls and banners and utilize all of the space you have paid for, not just the part you are walking on.

What should I choose for my display?

With such a variety of options from Display Up, it’s best to consider the amount of space you have. This sounds like a great topic for our next blog.

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